Immigr8 was originally a published book by Dr. Sandra Benavidez on how to interpret a foreign student’s school transcript and how to better integrate them into the American Education System. She has used this information to train teachers and other education professionals all across the country. She then decided it was time to bring this […]

DYAD Ventures

Based out of an old Frito-Lay’s factory building on the outskirts of Deep Ellum, TX stood an incubator of design and digital marketing professionals. This dynamic team of graphic designers, web developers, animators, videographers, photographers and everything in between, worked together to service clients all across North America. Bringing a refreshing take on the idea […]


Jolt is a phone charger subscription service aimed at the busy family house-hold who may share chargers like a lighter and seem to go missing when you look away. Or maybe you’re a frequent flyer and leave your chargers at AirBnbs, hotels or the local coffee shop in the neighborhood. No matter the reason that […]

Rhithm App

The Rhithm App™ is the simplest and most innovative social emotional learning and mental health tool, period. With Rhithm, educators, counselors, and district leaders can all rest easy knowing that they have the data they need to support student well-being, that their SEL curriculum is ready-made, engaging, and tailored to each individual student’s needs, and that finally, their […]